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New Releases


Over the past five years, Mr. Fitz has cemented his reputation as one of the foremost purveyors of Tech House music in the Los Angeles Underground. Having founded Blvck Mvgic, an events collective and record label with a goal of bringing something real to the city of smoke and mirrors. Blvck Mvgic is about innovation and flipping the game upside down from the money motivations and bringing everyone back to what is really important.... The Music.


Mr. Fitz's unique sound as a music producer has caught the attention of Rufus Du Sol, Klingande, Don Diablo, Ciszak, Worthy and Justin Martin to name a few. Given the pandemic and climate of the industry, he has spent 2020 in the Hawaiian islands. His first single of the 2020 he released "Birdcall" , a collaboration with Vanilla ACE. The track consists of recorded tropical birds, beautifully layered synths, tight tribal percussion all backed up by a huge low end groove, vocal ad libs and wonky FX. The underlying subtext is one that partygoers from every culture around the world will embrace.


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